Sacrifice of Putt Putt

From the top to the bottom, left to right: Quan Yin, Aidee Three, C.S. Watson, Lady K, Haneul-Sek, Emo Flowers, Novem Nine, Kiok, and KunYook Six, a Paryon, Jay Crambo the Munoe King, a Flesh House, Putt-Putt, and the Emperor.

The Cosmic Womb 

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The Cosmic Womb Wiki documents the characters and history of a land called the “Cosmic Womb” created by JooYoung Choi. This paracosm spans approximately 6,732 miles, and is governed by Queen Kiok, humanoid creatures called Tuplets: Lady K, Aidee Three, Emo Flowers (No. 36), KunYook Six, Novem Nine, and Haneul-Sek aka Blue Girl, and one earthling from Concord, NH named C.S. Watson. 

The purpose of this wiki is to introduce and guide viewers through the narrative and images associated with the Cosmic Womb.


JooYoung Choi began the development of the Cosmic Womb around 2010, the term "The Cosmic Womb" or "Cosmic Womb" was coined by this visual artist within the same year. Choi began working on "The Cosmic Womb Wiki Page" on June 16th 2014.

Governing Body of the Cosmic Womb Proper

Queen Kiok - Race Unknown, Benevolent Ruler of the Cosmic Womb, Creator of the Tuplets
C.S. Waston - Earthling, Royal Historian and Artist of the Cosmic Womb
Lady K - Tuplet, Head Curator of Fauna
Aidee Three - Tuplet - President of Mechanics, Sciences and Problem Solving
Emo Flowers aka No. 36) - Tuplet, Head Curator of Flora
KunYook Six aka Big Six - Tuplet - Co-General of the Royal Cosmic Defense Team
Novem Nine aka Lydia Fletcher - Tuplet -  Co-General of the Royal Cosmic Denfense Team
Hanuel-Sek aka Blue Girl. - Race Unknown - Head Organizer of the Helping Hands
Pleasure Vision - Director of Sight and Sound Research Foundation at the Persistance of Vision Educational Development Institute.  

Royalty and Leaders of Specific Cosmic Womb Communities

Queen Dee Dee of the Bell Clams
The Turtle King 
King Leonard of the Red-Wing Black Birds
Prince Amos of the Mice People (The First Mouse to Go to the Moon) 
Prince Putt-Putt  

Spirits and Supernatural Forces

Pleasure Vision, Quan Yin, Aizen.

Species/Ethnic Groups:

There are many species in the Cosmic Womb, here is a list of well documented classes of organisms:
Helping Hands
The Bell Clams
The Dumb Fish
Talking Trees
Space Insects from the Future
The Maumeh People.

Other Notable Maumeh Individuals:

Pound Cake Man
Hippo Man
Sir Igor B. Tabertt
Oh-Ghee Tokhee
King Leonard of the Red Wing Black Birds
The Planet Pluto

Well Known Leaders Residing in the Outer Regions (Cosmic Womb Improper):

The Surgeon 
The Paryons
The Emperor
Jay Crambo the Munoe King
Munoe Mob King Phat Chatty Pescino
Queen Spleen-T Rott-Void
Queen Helicia Bratt-Wurst


The Shingihada Lake
MCC Customs
Kiok's Hut
The Fragrant Island
The Padua Ocean

Note Worthy Events

The Origins of Queen Kiok
C.S. Watson Enters the Cosmic Womb
The Adoption and Realizations of Augustus Whale Man
The Kidnapping of Emo Flowers and Fall of The Emperor
The Liberation of the Robot Army

Historical Time Line

AKA After Kiok's Arrival

Kiok entering The Cosmic Womb proper (prior to her coronation).

AKA : After Kiok's Arrival

The first era of The Cosmic Womb's history begins with the "Age of Kiok's Arrival" hence AKA. It ends right before the birth of the tuplets.


The Cosmic Womb is populated primarily by animals, robots, deities, and phantoms. 

Little is known about the Cosmic Womb's history prior to the Maumeh people's Queen Kiok

Nobody knows exactly where Kiok came from, or what species she is.

It is rumored that she fell from the sky in a basket, dropped from the beaks a two headed stork. 

A hungry talking birch tree ate her, she dies, but is Quan Yin bestows Kiok with the supernatural powers of "absorption" and "regeneration" to allow her to heal through an incubation process that lasts 30 years.

31 AKA

Kiok emerges from the carnivorous birch tree, she wanders away, and is found by Albeir the Miracle Bear.

32 AKA

The first kidnapping of Kiok by the Munoe people occurs.

Kiok meets Haneul-Sek also known as Blue Girl.

Albeir the Miracle Bear becomes her adoptive father, sanctioned by QuanYin and Aizen.


At the age of 13 Kiok sees visions and hears noises. She dreams of strange languages from unknown lands.

During this year she develops Ota, one of three official written languages for the Cosmic Womb proper (the other two are English and Hangul).

She teaches the animals to speak Korean and English (two of the most prominent languages from her dreams).

44-48 AKA

The great war between the Munoes and the citizens of Cosmic Womb Proper.

48-52 AKA

The great migration of the Dinosaurs and Dinorobis occurs.

52-56 AKA

The time of great peace and prosperity.

With the governing power of Queen Kiok, the people of Cosmic Womb proper, proclaim their ethnicity as "Maumeh".

This was in response to other ethnic groups, such as the Munoes, proclaming their own identities.

57 AKA 

The arrival and swift colonization of the Maumeh people by the Paryons. 

The Paryons are a terrible breed of creatures. 

Albeir the Mirarcle Bear wrote in his journal the following: "I've never seen a sincere Paryon, not when it comes to helping us citizens of the Cosmic Womb. The Paryon's primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of the citizens of the Cosmic Womb, or to waken the Maumeh people. The Paryon is interested in the Maumeh people only to the extent that is of use to him/her. The Paryon's interest is to take our resources, destroy our lands and exploit our people." 57 AKA.

60 AKA

The Paryon's have exhausted all the natural resources of the Cosmic Womb.

The Paryon's take Kiok as their prisoner.


64 AKA

With the help of the Surgeon General, the Paryons conduct a series of experiments on Queen Kiok.

Kiok's internal organs are removed in an attempt to understand non-parasitic existence.

The Suregeon General and the Paryons desert the Cosmic Womb.

With the help of Albeir's tears and Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion, beings spring from Kiok's wounds.

Kiok is ressurected for the second time.

ABT After Birth of the Tuplets

The second era of The Cosmic Womb's history begins "After the Birth of the Tuplets" hence ABT, It ends with the arrival of C.S. Watson.

0-1 ABT

With the help of Albeir's tears and Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion, beings spring from Kiok's wounds.

These being are called "Tuplets".

Kiok is ressurected for the second time.

1-100 ABT

100 Years of peace and gratitude.

106 ABT

The birth of the balance tree that bears the fruits of meaning.

206 - 306 ABT

The mapping of The Cosmic Womb Proper.

ERW: Emergence and Rescue of Watson

The third era of The Cosmic Womb's history begins with emergence and rescue of C.S. Watson from the Nabuboom Ocean.


C.S. Watson is found drowning in the Nabuboom Ocean. She is initially saved by Augustus Whale-Man, who is attack by a mutated brook trout.

QuanYin and a teapot boat of animals attempt to rescue her.

She is diagnosed with extreme amnesia due to almost drowning. 

Later that year C.S. Watson's house is built on the Dry Ocean of Assisi.


C.S. Watson becomes the official historian and artist of the Cosmic Womb.

2 - 1000 ERW

C.S. Watson studies under the tutledge of Pleasure Vision.

1000 -1982 ERW

C.S. Watson travels across the galaxy to document the flora, fauna and history of the Cosmic Womb.

1982 -1983 ERW

C.S. Watson begins to find photos of two separate families, yet there is one girl in each photo that resembles her.

Contact Between the Cosmic Womb and Earth


February 12th 2016 - Pleasure Vision sent a series of transmissions from Song-Song Segae to Anya Tish Gallery in the Earth city called Houston. With the help of Earthling JooYoung Choi, two "Paracosmic Viewing Stations and Pleasure Vision Receivers" were created, one red and one blue. Each was designed using the technological expertise of scientist and inventor Aidee Three (83). Queen Kiok, requested that C.S. Watson create a prototype box that could hold a "Forever Disc". Queen Kiok arranged 3 important pleasure vision transmissions for viewing on the "Forever Discs". She titled the digital arrangement "Quantum Soup". Queen Kiok then asked Blue-girl (Haneul Sek) to deliver the plans to the earthling named JooYoung Choi. Through a series of dreams, psychic whispers and brain sneezes, Blue was able to communicate to JooYoung Choi, and ensure that she understood that Queen Kiok desired the creation of two Paracosmic Viewing Stations, and a limited edition of 25 Quantum Soup forever discs in beautiful boxes.Queen Kiok hopes that this endeavor will educate earthlings on how life is lived in the Cosmic Womb and other regions of Song-Song Segae.

Purpose of the Cosmic Womb Wiki Page

The purpose of this wiki is to introduce and guide viewers through the narrative and images associated with the Cosmic Womb.

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